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  • CoopsRVadventures
    CoopsRVadventuresRV Repair Club:
    October 26, 2020We have a washer/dryer combo. We have read through the instructions and there is nothing about winterization. Can anyone tell me the proper way to winterize it? We just ran it until pink showed up in the tub but it took forever. I just want to see if ther...  more
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    • CoopsRVadventures
      Steve6522 October 26, 2020 That’s what you needed to do. Needed to get the anti freeze inside the solenoids and pump to keep them from freezing.
    • CoopsRVadventures
      David Leslie Jasper & JoJo October 26, 2020 The best way to get RV antifreeze into both the cold and hot plumbing going to the washer, then through the washer's plumbing, valves, pump, etc., is by using either the RV's water pump or a portable pump.  After pumping a quart or more into the bott...  more
    • CoopsRVadventures
      MotorcyclesRiders October 26, 2020 As David said, you have to run through the fill and drain cycles. This video is for compressed air but the process would be the same for antifreeze.
    • CoopsRVadventures
      Packratphyls October 26, 2020 We put a air through tub . Blows out air and water same with sinks ect for winterizing
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