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  • BJB65
    BJB65RV Repair Club:
    October 26, 2020My heater fan is running continuously when plugged in or battery on, but no heat
    • BJB65
      Terry & Donna Schroeder October 26, 2020 Is the thermostat fan set to "on"?  That will make it run continuously.
    • BJB65
      Gene&Nancy October 26, 2020 Do you have the on automatic on fan
    • BJB65
      Pat Whitaker Goodwin Watts October 26, 2020 Is the problem that the fan is running all the time or that there is no heat. If the problem is no heat, Iis it a propane heater/furnace? If so, is the propane turned on? Did you light one of the burners on the stove to bleed any air that might be in the ...  more
    • BJB65
      D&Mtoo October 26, 2020 Also may need to “cycle” the furnace. Just like the water heater, if it tries tries to ignite several times and fails to light a ‘safety’ valve will close the propane supply. In that case the furnace must be shut off for a short time and restarted. I had ...  more
    • BJB65
      John T October 26, 2020 BJB, if you have an RV LP Gas forced air furnace ?????????????????? and if you turn up the T stat the fan continues to blow cold air, be sure you're not out of gas ?????? and its turned on ?????  and maybe give it several re tries in case there's air...  more
    • BJB65
      Roy & Laura Long October 26, 2020 Years ago I had a similar problem while dry camping. Turned out the coach batteries were low on charge. The blower motor was still running but the voltage was too low to activate the solenoid valve to turn on the propane. Cranked the generator and rech...  more
    • BJB65
      Jim & Sharon Ham October 26, 2020 All above great advice.  Our thermostat has a constant fan run switch.  Does yours?  As stated above by others, the ignition start sequence has to operate and if no ignition, the fan keeps running but it will NOT recycle and try to restart ...  more
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      • BJB65
        Dennis & Lorece Hogeweide October 27, 2020 Just to add one more thing if you did just change tanks then if you turn it on to quickly then it will shut a valve off thinking there is a leak . so you will have to shut off the propane and disconnect the tank and reconnect the tank and try again slowly.
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