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  • wannabervin
    wannabervin RV Repair Club:
    October 28, 2020Onan 5500 generator, propane powered, starts, then immediately stalls out Shows error code 33. Wouldn’t you know that the manual shows error codes up to 32, then picks up again at 35?!? Any thoughts on what’s going on? Yes, the propane was on and I start...  more
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    • wannabervin
      pokeysRVadventures October 28, 2020 From a forum:  Just thought I'd pass this on. My Onan HDKAK, SPEC H started shutting down again, and this time I was getting a codes 33, overheat. Turns out is was the overheat sensor
    • wannabervin
      Wayne & Lise McLaren October 28, 2020 My 5500 gas model did the same and it was the low oil sensor.  added half quart of oil and all OK
    • wannabervin
      Bandit455 October 28, 2020 I looked at several manuals online and none listed a 33 code. In fact they omitted that number to try and prevent any confusion over which set of blinks indicated the first digit and which indicated the second. That being said, I too had an issue with my ...  more
    • wannabervin
      Don (DOC) October 28, 2020 Is it a code 33 or is it a 3 pause 3 code? You might try a high performance synthetic oil.
    • wannabervin
      David Leslie Jasper & JoJo October 28, 2020 For our Onan Quiet Diesel 12.5k generator, the error code "3-3" means there is an overheating problem.  In our case, the 3-3 error code was repaired by replacing the coolant temperature sensor.  The generator will shut down after operating for 5...  more
    • wannabervin
      sully1297 October 28, 2020 From YouTube video my Onan 5500 did the same thing but let out about a pint of oil taking it just below the threads on the intake it started and worked great for the next week 
    • wannabervin
      Brian & Lisa October 28, 2020 This might help.
    • wannabervin
      bob& donna macintyre October 29, 2020 The first time i tried to put a load on my used one with 500 hrs it kept shutting off.  I ended up taking to Cummins/Onan dealer.  Throttle return spring was disconnected and the rings were all carboned up.  Cost 1100 but is great now.
    • wannabervin
      wannabervin October 29, 2020 Thanks, folks. Several references to heat sensor problem. Could that affect the gen when just starting up, before it even gets warm?
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