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  • Rich & Janelle Nuding
    Rich & Janelle NudingRV Repair Club:
    November 3, 2020We Have removed our hide-a-bed sofa to be replaced with wall hugging recliner. Question. How do you secure them when traveling? We have a 5th wheel. I really don’t want to screw then to the floor or put holes in the vinyl flooring. Tia.
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    • Rich & Janelle Nuding
      Angelo A November 3, 2020 We did the same thing except they went into a carpeted slideout. We did not secure them and they have not moved even over very bumpy roads. If you are on vinyl flooring, you might get some sliding. You can get some furniture leg cups and use VHB Tape to h...  more
    • Rich & Janelle Nuding
      Tink & Chuck November 3, 2020 We don't secure ours to the floor. We put them (both the recliner that we put in the living room when we took out the couch and the couch with a chaise lounge that we put in the toy hauler garage) in place and have not had any problems with them moving ye...  more
    • Rich & Janelle Nuding
      jim roulston November 3, 2020 Slow down! LOL :)
    • Rich & Janelle Nuding
      dian1smith November 3, 2020 I have a TT and replaced mine with dual electric recliners. Mine is positioned on my slide and when traveling, it stays where I put it, with no problem, but I am on carpet.
    • Rich & Janelle Nuding
      GramPa Carson November 3, 2020   We set our recliners on rubber backed rugs. They have moved only once in a panic stop. We have had them 5 years.
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    • Rich & Janelle Nuding
      Dan-n-Jo November 4, 2020 We removed our dinette and jack-knife-sofa and put wall hugging recliner theater seating and table/chairs. The old was screwed into the floor and we did the same with these. The worse thing I can think of if ever in an accident is an 95 lbs object flying ...  more
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