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  • Joan & David Ransier
    Joan & David Ransier Solar and Alternative Energy for RV's:
    November 3, 2020Solar is a two step process for me. First I need the proper batteries and charge system, then the panels and controller can go in. Last week I completed the first step with the help of in Eugene, OR. 400Ah of Lithium batteries, 3000w Inverter/...  more
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    • Joan & David Ransier
      Tom & Barb November 3, 2020 You had the same approach as me.  I installed two 100Ahr lithium batteries and land charger as step one.  I took them on the road trip for a month to test them out.  Fortunately they worked great, so now I have two 330W solar panels to inst...  more
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    • Joan & David Ransier
      Jon Ryan November 4, 2020 Hi can you swap out lead acid batteries and replace them with lithium batteries? I have a 1000 watt inverter.
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      • Joan & David Ransier
        rick&dee November 4, 2020 Unless your converter is programable you may have to get a new one. Lithium takes a higher voltage to charge them properly. I called Battle Born and they said my Progressive 9200 would work but I would have to manually put it in boost mode every time usin...  more
      • Joan & David Ransier
        Joan & David Ransier November 9, 2020 Yes, but be sure your on board converter can charge them. I had to replace mine. Battle Born lithium’s are meant to be direct replacements, though I went with Victron for smaller size and higher capacities.
    • Joan & David Ransier
      ericmiles November 8, 2020 I just got solar on my house and can refer you to an amazing company here in the US! I'm already paying a lower bill than before! I also advise read this
    • Joan & David Ransier
      Tom & Barb November 9, 2020 If you swap to Lithium, the battery selection can influence the ergonomic fit inside your battery compartment.  BattleBorns are great, but usually a little larger than the OEM 12V lead acid batteries that come the RV's.  Make sure you have the s...  more
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      • Joan & David Ransier
        Joan & David Ransier November 9, 2020 I bought two 200Ah Victron tha may be slightly taller but fit in a smaller space than my two Group 27s sitting in their battery boxes. Lithium’s don’t need battery boxes.
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