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  • just robert
    just robertRV Repair Club:
    November 10, 2020If you havent changed your Anode rod in hot water heater this is a comparison 2yrs old on right may want to take a look at yours.
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    • just robert
      WeMustRV November 10, 2020  I do not have one in my hot water heater Just a drain plug. ??
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      • just robert
        SouthParkSteve November 10, 2020 You will only have an anode rod if your water heater has an electric element.  If you only run on propane, you won't have one.  If you have a propane/electric one, typically the drain plug IS the anode rod.
      • just robert
        Gail&Bill November 10, 2020 If your water heater is an ATWOOD, it has an aluminum tank, it won't have and doesn't need an anode rod, just a plastic plug. If you have a SUBURBAN water heater, it is a glass lined steel tank and needs an anode rod. If you have an ATWOOD, do not replace...  more
    • just robert
      Jim & Shelley Gallo November 10, 2020 Everytime we come back from camping I pull the anode rod and drain the hot water tank. Make sure you open the pressure relief valve first to relieve the pressure
    • just robert
      David & Terri Gibson November 10, 2020 So do anode rods always start out that thick?  I pulled mine to to winterize last weekend and the center rod looked like the thin rod after I removed all the buildup on it.  Because the remaining rod is so uniformly thin, I assumed it was supposed to be t...  more
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      • just robert
        Rick & Lil November 10, 2020 Nope. Starts out thick & the reaction inside the tank deteriorates the rod. What you knocked off was still some life left in the rod. Replace it. The rod in the pic above probably had another year of life left but, since he had it out & a new one ready to...  more
      • just robert
        The Shipp November 11, 2020 Your correct, the answer is no
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