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  • morganb
    morganb shared D'Wally 's post. November 15, 2020Propane fridge on or off while traveling? Any tips for our new friend here??
    • Tony & Shari and 3 others like this.
    • morganb
      Tony & Shari November 15, 2020 I leave my propane on.  I shut it off when I fuel up.
    • morganb
      David Denslow November 15, 2020 We travel with it on but off when we fill nothing like having a cold soda when I travel.
    • morganb
      Jim & Sharon Ham November 15, 2020 This topic is one of those that divides RVers into two camps that disagree with each other.  Some run down the road with the propane on fridge, water heater, and furnace.  Others would not think of it because of safety.  A few bridges and tunnels require ...  more
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      • morganb
        Dave & Jean Rule November 15, 2020 Yes, off for safety reasons.  We've a Class A so use the generator if we're traveling any real distance.  Also. .... no to spare tire; too big and no real way to change it.
      • morganb
        Jenna & The ZARGON November 15, 2020 Well, I mostly keep my fridge ON whilst driving, because, like David, I do like a cold beverage when I stop and I abhor the thought of sour milk or having my frozen foods thawed out and dripping juices all over the place.   But hey!  That's just how "I" r...  more
    • morganb
      Tami and Barry November 15, 2020 Off , we freeze water bottles and put them in the fridge on travel day
    • morganb
      Steve & Julie November 15, 2020 Class c so we we run gen and turn off propane off while traveling in case of accident. TT may be ok, extra cushion in event of acc.  Maybe not. 
    • morganb
      Andy & Maureen T November 16, 2020 We leave ours on Automatic. 
    • morganb
      John T November 16, 2020 Ive owned RV's 49 years and I typically (not always) choose to let mine run on LP when driving never had a problem. HOWEVER its not as safe as if you turn it off. Some tunnels don't allow it !!! TURN OFF WHEN GETTING GAS !!!!!   I hav...  more
    • morganb
      Dan-n-Jo November 17, 2020 We leave ours in 'AUTO' and never turn the propane tank off or shut refrigerator down unless filling the propane tank itself. Conflicting stories abound, people have their own "feelings" but no actual proof, save for personal experience, not just hear say...  more
    • morganb
      Hippo on a herple November 20, 2020 I keep it on. Turn off propane at filling stations. Turn it back on after. I have 3 way now and usually leave it in DC. But still sometimes use propane because I heard somewhere it is best.
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