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  • LarandSus
    LarandSus Full Time RVers:
    November 24, 2020We are considering Lambright for our new RV furniture. Trying to decide whether to wait until spring and go to the manufacturer in Elkhart, IN or to oder it from Glastop in Pompano Beach, FL. Has anyone gone to Lambright? Can you get a better deal there? ...  more
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    • LarandSus
      Bill Joyce (and wife Diane Melde) November 24, 2020 I think it was 10 days to two weeks from when we ordered directly to when our chair was ready.  Lambright is about a half hour drive from Elkhart, so if you want to stay close you might look at Shipshewana.   No middle man if you buy directly and we had m...  more
    • LarandSus
      BobKathy95 November 24, 2020 Before you spend the high price of RV furniture, go to your local furniture store. What you will be looking for is chairs, recliners, etc that are called "apartment size". That is what rv furniture is. Only your local store may only cost half as much. On...  more
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      • LarandSus
        LarandSus November 24, 2020 Thanks but, we want the fabrics approved for RV use in our Class A.
      • LarandSus
        Rich & Pat Tardell November 24, 2020 Keep in mind that you have weight limits. Some furniture can be quite heavy (not what you want in an RV)
    • LarandSus
      FL Wander Woman November 24, 2020 I believe biggest concern would be "will it fit through the door?" Right after I bought my travel trailer I decided to change the mattress. Just trying to make a 45 degree turn out the door with a queen size mattress was almost impossible.
    • LarandSus
      Denny&Dena November 24, 2020 We went to Lambright’s in early October and was told that our order would take three months...loved their product but you need to sit in various styles of seating you sure your space measurements...
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      • LarandSus
        LarandSus November 24, 2020 We saw the furniture at the Tampa RV show so we are fairly sure of what we want.
    • LarandSus
      SamT November 24, 2020 I am doing the best i can to wear out our current Lambright furniture so we can go back and get more furniture from them. Working with Lambright was a delight. An added bonus was getting to be is Shipshewana for a few days.
    • LarandSus
      Dennis & Marie November 24, 2020 We had Lambright put in our DP when we had the interior redone. Once you know what you want, (sounds like you have a vendor close by) call Lambright to order. At one time RV-Dreams had a discount coupon on their website
    • LarandSus
      Andy & Maureen T November 25, 2020 Go local. We picked up our lazy-boy recliner love seat for half the cost. Make sure that you can remove the back (usually two clips on each back) so you can get it into the door.
    • LarandSus
      Niehoff’s November 25, 2020 We ordered from Recpro.  Designed for campers.  Love it (double recliner).  Fast delivery they will send you fabric samples. 
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