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  • WE / Windy & Ed
    WE / Windy & Ed Boondockers:
    December 7, 2020My wife and I plan to get more into boondocking, what with RV parks so busy, plus we have nice farm to go to whenever want now. Sooo, GENERATOR. I know we need 3000 plus watts to run the AC. (We have a 24' TT) I know people like the Hondas, but more expe...  more
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    • WE / Windy & Ed
      Seann (the Canadian) December 7, 2020 Search "soft start" apparently with that you can get away with a 2000 watt quiet inverter. I have a Firman from Costco and very happy with it
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      • WE / Windy & Ed
        Whippet Family December 7, 2020 Absolutely correct. My 2200W Honda runs my 15KBTU heat pump with soft start just fine.  I wouldn’t be able to lift or carry a larger one.
      • WE / Windy & Ed
        MRJohnston December 7, 2020 Agree with the Whippets.  We have the Micro-Air easy start and our Honda 2000 (older version) runs our 15,000 btu heat pump/AC just fine as does a 20 amp exterior house receptacle.   Would not be without it.   Have heard a lot of praise for the Predator g...  more
    • WE / Windy & Ed
      RicU December 7, 2020 Honda puts out a lot of power and is usually quieter than its class. Otherwise, you pay your money....
    • WE / Windy & Ed
      vanpavao December 7, 2020 Good Afternoon
      A few years ago I bought a Predator from Harbor Freight and it works great Seems to be the best bang for the buck. We have a Cummins in our Sunseeker that works great
    • WE / Windy & Ed
      eemken December 7, 2020 Yes & No go to type in best 3000 watt generators.I believe it was RV blogger that post it there. There was a a lot of information there.
    • WE / Windy & Ed
      Memere Diane December 7, 2020 LOVE my Predator from Harbor  Freight. SOO quiet. We installed a slide out so, no lifting. Check out GimpyCamper on youtube for how-to's.
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