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  • Patte M
    Patte M Blackstone Griddle Recipes and Ideas (The Stoners):
    December 8, 2020Just got the little 17" Blackstone. We are going to "Season" it today, is there a preference as to which type of oil is your favorite?
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    • Patte M
      joe young December 8, 2020 Olive oil or canola oil
    • Patte M
      BLSMSS (Brenda &Marc) December 8, 2020 We used the Blackstone one to do the first seasoning, and after that we use olive oil usually. Enjoy it
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      • Patte M
        joe young December 9, 2020 I have used the Blackstone season work's great as long as the oil is hi temp cooking oil for the season of the grill we get driffrent opinion from people it all what you like
    • Patte M
      Marie n Rick December 8, 2020 I used vegetable oil. Cheaper an has higher smoke temp.  I did go thru 1 of those 1lb bottles by the time I was done. After that I purchased gas line compatible with the larger tanks and 1 that I can attach to my MH. From Amazon
    • Patte M
      Dreamers and Travelers/ Tom & Prescott December 8, 2020 We used Canola spray from GFS and followed instructions. We love cooking on it - actually like the cooler spots to keep food warm while cooking on hot spots.
    • Patte M
      WanderingSomeMore December 9, 2020 I used canola oil. Full time RV’ing......don’t even think about touching my BlackStone! It is wonderful! 
    • Patte M
      Ashley & Pat Grier December 9, 2020 We use olive oil, but the other suggestions are good too.
    • Patte M
      The WE2's December 16, 2020 Personally, we seasoned ours like we season all cast iron...with olive oil or good old lard.
    • Patte M
      Tesla December 29, 2020 we have the 22 and I used a pound of Bacon
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