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  • Gma & Gogs
    Gma & Gogs New RVillagers Group:
    December 8, 2020If there’s a better group for this please let me know (I searched but didn’t find much).

    I’m trying to figure out if the quick connect off our propane tank (on a used 2020 Jayco Precept 31UL) would be low pressure? I want to hook up a portable gas gril...  more
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    • Gma & Gogs
      Trebor Retrac (Bob and Jane) December 8, 2020 If the quick disconnect on the rv's propane tank is after the tanks regulator, it is low pressure.
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    • Gma & Gogs
      Terry & Donna Schroeder December 8, 2020 The regulator is in the white shroud (box/cover) on the right hand side.  Hose coming off of the right should feed your RV and connect to the quick connect line, I see no line coming off before the regulator, so  if that is the case, it is low pressure.
    • Gma & Gogs
      Dan-n-Jo December 10, 2020 I use the high pressure and hook my grill to it. Almost all BBQ grills have a regulator on them, that is the control for the amount of fire/heat you are getting out. I installed a 'T' fitting, shut off, and normal QCC fitting (the regular one you would se...  more
    • Gma & Gogs
      Gma & Gogs December 10, 2020 Thank you everyone.  I now understand what I hav and what needs to be done.
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