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  • Gma & Gogs
    Gma & Gogs RV Education 101:
    December 8, 2020How can I determine if the quick connect off our propane tank (on a used 2020 Jayco Precept 31UL) would be low pressure? I want to hook up a portable gas grill and Coleman stove. The RV propane hoses I found on Amazon state it’s for low pressure connections only.
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    • Gma & Gogs
      Thesebluebirddays December 8, 2020 Nothing on the rig is high pressure. ESPECIALLY after the regulator at the tanks. You should be just fine.
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    • Gma & Gogs
      Terry & Donna Schroeder December 8, 2020 The only high pressure connection would be if the quick connect comes off of the propane line ahead of the regulator.  If it comes after the regulator, it is low pressure.
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    • Gma & Gogs
      Jim & Sharon Ham December 8, 2020 If it was a factory install, most likely it is AFTER the regulator and intended for low pressure appliances.   The Extend-A-Stay T-tap is the one that goes between the main tank and the regulator.  This IS high pressure and requires the screw-on HD high p...  more
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    • Gma & Gogs
      Steve&Tina December 8, 2020 One point though, if your gas grill has a pressure regulator it won’t work. You can’t pass the propane through two regulators.
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