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  • Melody Twigg
    Melody Twigg Grand Design RV Community:
    December 20, 2020Question -- I am going to have to use my fresh water holding tank for water for a couple of weeks. In my book it says that I should turn off the water pump when I am not using it. So does mean every time I want to wash my hands, get a glass of water, sho...  more
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    • Melody Twigg
      Melody Twigg December 20, 2020 I have 2021 reflection 337RLS
    • Melody Twigg
      Mark & Marilyn December 20, 2020 Actually you can shut it off and there’s still pressure in the lines to wash or flush the toilet. It’s just for quick use try it.
    • Melody Twigg
      Rick&Deborah Rogan December 20, 2020 I believe they mean when you are hooked up to city water. When we are only using our water tank I leave the pump on.
    • Melody Twigg
      Rod & Tracey December 20, 2020 We leave our pump on when not using city water, unless we are going out/away for more than a day.
    • Melody Twigg
      Traveling Tarps December 20, 2020 Melody....the idea is to keep from emptying your tank through a leaking pipe.   If you are there (in the rig) you should be able to hear the pump running and know whether or not you are running water. It is never a bad idea to turn off the water (pu...  more
    • Melody Twigg
      St. Bernard & Ms. June December 20, 2020 What is really meant, shut off your pump when you leave your RV for a period of time. Just in case a fitting should pop off. You don’t want to flood your RV. This is a good habit to get into with City water as well.
    • Melody Twigg
      Melody Twigg December 20, 2020 Thank you all that's what figured but didn't want to mess any thing up
    • Melody Twigg
      Dreamers and Travelers/ Tom & Prescott December 20, 2020 Especially turn off traveling. Our shower nozzle fell, landing on valve to turn on and drained tank. Stopped for lunch to hear pump running dry and NO water to flush toilet. Oops.
    • Melody Twigg
      Double K (Kathy and Keith) December 20, 2020 We just turn it off when we're gone for the day. We also would turn off city water if using. Better safe than sorry.
    • Melody Twigg
      ken/rachel December 23, 2020 I would shut off while sleeping and when away from trailor
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