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  • gardeneyes
    December 26, 2020Does anyone have some personal experience with a portable power bank, also known as solar generators. I am looking at a 1,000 watt one like the Jackery, Ecoflow or Bluetti models or perhaps something else to do a few things when we dry camp without runnin...  more
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    • gardeneyes
      Seann (the Canadian) December 26, 2020 Check out Will Prowse? on utube. He does real world reviews and not glowing reports because somebody sent him something free he'll tell you like it is in his reviews and he is reviewed a fair number of solar generators
    • gardeneyes
      Olddawg December 26, 2020 The price you pay for the name on most these is too much in my mind. I built mine. I agree with Seann, do check out Will's YouTube site. He has step by step build video's as well. You'll get the most for your dollar and learn about the Power Bank! 
    • gardeneyes
    • gardeneyes
      John T December 26, 2020   gardeneyes, while they are NOT for everybody and may NOT be the best pure economic solution (versus your own batteries and solar panels),,,,,,,, For a beginner,,,,,,Or a moderate energy user,,,,,,,,Or one electrically challenged THEY CAN BE A GREAT SIMP...  more
    • gardeneyes
      rbiddle813 December 26, 2020 Yes - Have an Apex, Love it. Runs the camper (Not the AC) overnight if I switch the fridge to propane, shut off the battery converter also. Slow drain - lasts about 10 hours. Will Prowse hates it, but I think he is wrong. The Inergy Apex does things other...  more
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      • gardeneyes
        Olddawg December 26, 2020 I have to take issue with you claiming Lithium is expensive.. It's only expensive is you buy into the marketed batteries. When you use a Cost for usage comparison and buy off-marketed products (which is typically built by the same company) use save $$$. T...  more
      • gardeneyes
        rbiddle813 December 26, 2020 I agree in the long run Lithium is cheaper- thats why i use them. Fact is though if you have only two-three hundred dollars for 1000 wh of power, i can do it with lead acid. I cannot with off the shelf Lithium. Maybe if i diy build the batteries or look ...  more
      • gardeneyes
        rbiddle813 January 5 Adding this chart for a comparison - Long run Lithium is cheaper. But last weekend I picked up (2) 125-AH 12-v AGM Batteries used but testing good for $50/ea for a relatively short term need. That give me 3000-wh of batteries, 1500-wh available (Based on ...  more
    • gardeneyes
      rick&dee December 26, 2020 We have the Bluetti 2400. love it the only drawback is the 1000 watt inverter. The new bluetti has a larger capacity inverter. We run wife's c-pap the DVD player and tv off it each night. The next day we run the onboard generator for 3 hours and fully rec...  more
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