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  • Got2go
    Got2go Solar and Alternative Energy for RV's:
    December 27, 2020I was told by somebody that works with solar that I would be much better off using a couple of portable panels that I could aim instead of mounting them on the roof I would get much more efficiency by being able to aim the panels
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    • Got2go
      Tom & Lois December 27, 2020 To realize any significant efficiency increase, you would need to manually reposition the panels multiple times per day. It all depends on how much human intervention you want to put into portable panels. Most would prefer to have set it and forget it solar.
    • Got2go
      David & Ninette Tigner December 27, 2020 Also aiming is more important in the winter because of the low angle of the sun. But it you can raise them you only have to do it once. And you don’t have to do it in the summer at all. I park east facing and get pretty good production in the winter with ...  more
    • Got2go
      Seann (the Canadian) December 27, 2020 Did that installer also tell you that they are prone to growing legs and walking off when you're not looking? Because they do.
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    • Got2go
      Claire and Tim December 27, 2020 Add an extra panel or two and forget about them.
    • Got2go
      John T December 27, 2020 Got to Go, Of course if you kept panels better aimed towards the sun throughout the day you would harvest more energy versus if fixed flat mounted. The trade off is the wo rk and inconvenience (also theft concerns) and packing them in and out. I didn't wa...  more
    • Got2go
      Pianotuna December 27, 2020 Seann you know VERY well that panels don't grow legs. They grow wings so they can fall over and smash. At night the wings become excellent handles for carrying the panels off to some one else's power plant.
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