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  • Schmit House
    Schmit HouseFull Time RVers:
    January 9Hey all! We are wondering if anyone has tried RV'ing full time with a Purple Mattress? I know they are substantially heavier, but does the comfort factor out "weigh" (lol) the weight issue? And what about the hydraulic lifts on the bed - how does it aff...  more
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    • Schmit House
      Bill Joyce (and wife Diane Melde) January 9 Many RVs come with non-standard mattress sizes, so make sure your RV comes ready to handle a standard mattress size or the Purple can be bought in RV sizes.  Our RV both comes with a standard queen and could handle the weight, but not all of them can.  We...  more
    • Schmit House
      B and B January 9 We've always used Mattress Insider. No regrets over the years. Upgraded prop rods and used screws and nuts instead of wood screws.
    • Schmit House
      BLSMSS (Brenda &Marc) January 9 We have a Casper mattress 10” king
    • Schmit House
      Habadabeer January 9 Have you slept on a Purple Mattress? Is it THE perfect option? If not, there are literally scores of other “bed in a box” options you can try risk free, for months and return at no charge if you don’t like them. We bought an Idle...  more
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    • Schmit House
      Tony & Robin January 9 We visited Mattress Firm last Sunday and tried out a bunch of mattresses. I was fine with the Purple, but my wife was not. We finally settled on a Serta iComfort Hybrid 4000 Plush (Queen). Our salesperson was quite knowledgeable. She assessed the level of...  more
    • Schmit House
      Schmit House January 9 Thank you all! Some really GREAT comments and some intruiging leads! (H)
    • Schmit House
      Cecile and Mike January 9 We purchased a king size purple mattress to replace the mattress in our new Grand Design Solitude 373FB.  We used it for a week and determined it was not the optimum mattress for us.  The Pros:  it slept amazing.  The Cons:  1. it weighed 145 lbs adding a...  more
    • Schmit House
      Nawaa January 9 We have the "My Comfort" mattress, which was the precursor to Purple (same tech, same address, and My Comfort just 'disappeared' one day long past). It is heavy, but we have loved it! It's the first thing we put in the RV when we began full-timing, and we...  more
    • Schmit House
      GreyRoams January 10 I am thinking of getting one later on down the road. It sounds amazing! The new "Purple" mattress is suppose to light and water proof, perfect for an RV... At least it sounds that's way too me..
    • Schmit House
      MTnesters January 10 We brought our Bed in a box into our 5er when we sold our home. Itwas too heavy for the struts, but wasworth it to have the better mattress. Made in USA, and satisfaction guaranteed.
    • Schmit House
      Dan&Jo January 11 We replaced ours with a 'Tuft & Needle' mattress and love it. Not heavy at all, in fact seems lighter then then original mattress that came in our MH. We have also heard good things about 'The Casper' mattress but have not tried it.
    • Schmit House
      sailsam January 12 My wife and I both love our Select Comfort Sleep Number mattress.  It is light weight and very comfortable. The BIG advantages are that each side firmness is individually adjustable.  I've gotten spoiled.  I can't conceive of me being satisfied having the...  more
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