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  • Robb & Charles
    Robb & CharlesFoodies!:
    January 10I have eschewed my rv stove/oven for an induction cooktop and convection oven and couldn't be happier.
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    • Robb & Charles
      Bill Joyce (and wife Diane Melde) January 10 I wanted to do that, but ran into two problems.  Problem one is we are limited to 30AMPs due to how our inverter/charger is wired in since it includes the residential fridge, microwave/convection and about every other plug in the living area.  That means ...  more
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      • Robb & Charles
        Robb & Charles January 10 Ours is a 50 A system so that is not an issue, and I agree, you sometimes need more burners. We chose a single burner unit because of size and I consider the IP an extra burner. One needs to be creative when faced with spacial limitations.
      • Robb & Charles
        Bill Joyce (and wife Diane Melde) January 10 I love induction and do have one.  Some "all electric" RVs come with a two burner induction cooktop and we would live with that.  It all depends on what you cook and what you are used to.  We now use a Breville Smartoven instead of the convection oven, it...  more
      • Robb & Charles
        The Adventures of Tori and Beans January 10 I'm running 30amp and I can run my 2 burner induction cooktop while baking biscuits in the convection oven and I'm running a residential frig. I try not to run everything at once, but sometimes you do. 🤷
      • Robb & Charles
        Bill Joyce (and wife Diane Melde) January 10 Good for you that you have not popped the breaker doing all that on 30AMP.  Unfortunately we did pop the inside breaker a couple times and that messes everything up since timers are reset.  Could be a lot of reasons our experience is different, most proba...  more
    • Robb & Charles
      Cajunville (John & Laurie) January 10 We still have our RV stove and we enjoy cooking on it, mainly because it is gas. We have a convection oven which includes "speedcook", so we have three options - microwave, oven and speedcook. We use our induction burner outside and enjoy cooking on it. W...  more
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