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  • Cape Cod Camper
    Cape Cod CamperNew RVillagers Group!:
    January 13What is the best way to transport a generator? Is it safe to put it on a rack on the rear bumper of our TT. Generator weighs 100 lbs. Many thanks.
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    • Cape Cod Camper
      Jim Harrier January 13 Not on anything that attaches to your rear bumper. Bed of the truck will be the best place
    • Cape Cod Camper
      Kevin & Leslie January 13 I agree with Jim. I doubt your rear hitch could stand the forces of 100 lbs jumping up and down for a lot of miles. I’ve seen the aftermath of a class 1 hitch with 100 lbs.
    • Cape Cod Camper
      Mjw107 January 13 Bed of truck is best otherwise if able add a front hitch and carry in a basket just make sure to lock it to vehicle as well as strapping it down securely
    • Cape Cod Camper
      ANNIENDON January 13 We have seen many configuration, some are pretty scary.  When we carried one for our 5th wheel we did so in the back of our truck but we also had a weather proof cover for it.  Hate to see them when they are just thrown into the truck exposed to the eleme...  more
    • Cape Cod Camper
      Bandit455 January 13 TT bumper is questionable. You may need to have some custom work done there. Lots of comments about putting it on the bed of your truck, I agree, great spot but do you have a truck? Next best location I have seen is a bracket, from, will allo...  more
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      • Cape Cod Camper
        ANNIENDON January 14 etrailer is an excellent retailer, we have purchased product from them before and the shipping was fast, the fit was excellent and the price was more than fair.  One more comment about mounting something on the rear bumper of a motor home or travel traile...  more
    • Cape Cod Camper
      Robert and Pamela Jobson January 14 agree in the truck bed
    • Cape Cod Camper
      Cape Cod Camper January 17 Thank you everyone. Truck bed it is!
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