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  • M&L Skiba (Mike & Linda)
    M&L Skiba (Mike & Linda) Grand Design RV Community:
    January 14, 2021We are looking to add a 2nd air conditioner to our 3676BHS, does anyone have recommendations?
    • M&L Skiba (Mike & Linda)
      ken/rachel January 14, 2021 Go with a super quiet setup
    • M&L Skiba (Mike & Linda)
      Rockerga January 14, 2021 There are some nice very quiet air conditioning units and definitely research and then have the dealer install it!!! I suppose your RV is pre-wired for a second AC?
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      • M&L Skiba (Mike & Linda)
        M&L Skiba (Mike & Linda) January 14, 2021 Yes we are pre-wired and do not need to tie into the thermostat. I’m sure I can install it myself
    • M&L Skiba (Mike & Linda)
      Craig and Kim Parker January 14, 2021 We went with a Dometic so the units would match in appearance on the roof. I have read several reviews stating the Coleman Mach unit is very quiet. A little A/C noise doesn’t bother us when sleeping. It just drowns out the out side noise at louder campgro...  more
    • M&L Skiba (Mike & Linda)
      KramVan January 14, 2021 I’ve got a Coleman Mach in my 2021 and really like the quietness. It also pumps out enough in full summer sun here in Michigan that I am not considering a 2nd unit. Purchased the trailer knowing I would add it and it proving me wrong. Things could be diff...  more
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