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  • The Olson's
    The Olson'sFree Camping and Boondocking on Public Lands:
    January 16, 2021Looking for Pure Sine inverter suggestions.
    My 10 month old Renogy inverter died. Renogy support/warranty doesn't even respond to my calls. I need to get something soon. Looking for a 3000 watt.
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    • The Olson's
      Seann (the Canadian) January 16, 2021 Magnum Energy. I have the 2000 watt version and it's been running like a trouper for 12 years. It's a whole house inverter
    • The Olson's
      David Leslie Jasper & JoJo January 16, 2021 We had to replace our Xantrex Trace 2500w PSW inverter after about 12 to 14 years since the coach was manufactured.  We had a Xantrex Freedom 3000w PSW inverter installed.  Programming these inverters takes a bit of time and intense concentration, and the...  more
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      • The Olson's
        MtnCamper January 16, 2021 Can anyone tell me why an inverter needs programming?
      • The Olson's
        David Leslie Jasper & JoJo January 16, 2021 Our inverter has Power Sharing, Auto Gen Start, and many other programmable functions.
    • The Olson's
      Pianotuna January 16, 2021 Hi Victron or Outback I'd want a hybrid unit. My Magnum caught on fire.
    • The Olson's
      Peter McDonald January 16, 2021 I have a 2005 Xantrex modified sine wave inverter.  Do you know, if I try to install what you just got, can I use my old  RC7 remote meter?
    • The Olson's
      Pianotuna January 16, 2021 MtnCamper program to set charging voltages.
    • The Olson's
      RoadDiva January 17, 2021 I have a brand new renogy 40A controller and the bluetooth doesn't work. Contacted Renogy they told me to reset controller, told them that didn't work, never heard from them again!!
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      • The Olson's
        The Olson's January 17, 2021 All I've learned in the last couple months is I will stay away from Renogy. I don't need an inverter/charger but they are nice.
        Thanks for all the feedback!
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