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  • wannabervin
    wannabervin RV Repair Club:
    January 21, 2021Onan generator 5500 propane powered, starts, runs for a few seconds, then stops. Sends a 3-flash code. Of course 33 isn’t addressed in the manual. 😡 Suggestions appreciated.
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    • wannabervin
      Craig and Kim Parker January 21, 2021 From what I have found, 33 is an engine over temp fault code on onan gen sets. Check coolant level, oil level, fan belt tension and wire connection at the temp sensor. If all good, try a new temp sensor.
    • wannabervin
      Ron & Joanne M. January 21, 2021 That is not the code. Push the start button again, just once, and that will be the error code.
    • wannabervin
      David Leslie Jasper & JoJo January 21, 2021 Our Onan 12.5k Quiet Diesel had that error, a 33 error.  The coolant temp sensor was bad.  The engine will run for about five minutes and shut down.  The whole generator had to be pulled out of the coach... which in itself is a several hour job to pull ou...  more
    • wannabervin
      JaneG (The Lynn Girl) January 21, 2021 Mine did that when a solonoid wire was loose. But mine is gas so don't know if propane generators even have a solonoid
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