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  • The McCormacks
    The McCormacksRV Repair Club:
    January 30Can anyone recommend a good washer and dryer? Separate units. Thanks in advance!
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    • The McCormacks
      GaryO321 January 30 Ariston by Splendid has been good for us. 4 years of full time use and no problems with the machines
    • The McCormacks
      The McCormacks January 30 Thank you!!!
    • The McCormacks
      Bladerunner January 30 I would just remember that the washers and dryers in RV’s no matter the brand are very small and in no way can reproduce the amount of clean clothes that a residential set can. Maybe a pair of jeans and a shirt and some socks. We elected not to carry the ...  more
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      • The McCormacks
        larry & peter January 30 Bladerunner is very correct - and too often people are expecting the rv machine to be "just like the one they had at home"
      • The McCormacks
        GaryO321 January 30 When you have a spouse that won't go to a Laundromat and you're full timers, you got no choice. It normally takes us 4-5 loads once a week for the 2 of us, so it's not too bad. Gotta do what ya gotta do!  
      • The McCormacks
        The McCormacks January 30 Thank you so much!
    • The McCormacks
      David Leslie Jasper & JoJo January 30 Be sure to check both the washer's and dryer's load sizes.  We have a combination Splendide washer/dryer (older unit) and its load sizes are too small, plus the drying time takes too long.  If weather permits, we place the hangable clothes on a hanger to ...  more
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      • The McCormacks
        The McCormacks January 31 I heard the 4 cu size is the best size. We are placing our order tomorrow for the Splendide stackable. Thanks for the info!
    • The McCormacks
      The McCormacks January 30 Thanks to all! All your comments are very helpful and appreciated!
    • The McCormacks
      GramPa Carson January 31 Diane have Whirlpool washer and dryer. She used one set for 5 years in our old trailer and had no problems. She has another set in our 6 year old trailer. Diane washes 2 pair of jeans with several set of sock and under ware in one load. Sheets and throw r...  more
    • The McCormacks
      The McCormacks January 31 Thank you!
    • The McCormacks
      KallieE February 16 We have a 10 yr+ , full time, stacked Whirlpool and love it, hated our one drum Splendide, bought another Whirlpool for new mobile home! Good luck.
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