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  • RV-Therapy
    RV-Therapy Foodies!:
    February 9When we really crave pizza...we create our own pizza oven on the grill with our iron skillet and mix our dough in the food processor. Works like a charm and it's amazingly delicious!
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    • RV-Therapy
      BLSMSS (Brenda &Marc) February 9 Looks good
    • RV-Therapy
      Janna & Terry February 9 We can almost taste it through your photo!! Bet it taste as good as it looks!! 👍👍
    • RV-Therapy
      MartiL February 9 That looks awesome!
    • RV-Therapy
      June MN February 9 Do you have a covered grill ........ or what could one use to cover the pizza if cooking on a grate by a woodfire .... ???
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      • RV-Therapy
        Cajunville (John & Laurie) February 9 We have made pizza in our Dutch Oven. 
      • RV-Therapy
        RV-Therapy February 10 The process starts with building the pizza in a hot iron skillet (lid up). then closing the lid and bringing grill to 500 degrees for 12 minutes. We have done this on a wood fire...we used a second hot skillet to trap the needed top heat. You could also t...  more
    • RV-Therapy
      Cajunville (John & Laurie) February 9 it looks delish! You make me want pizza.
    • RV-Therapy
      GaryNTonyia February 10 Looks really good
    • RV-Therapy
      Sherry Stout February 13 HOW did you build oven?Would you mind giving me a description or sending a picture?
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      • RV-Therapy
        RV-Therapy February 14 We just use our grill and an iron skillet
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