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  • wannabervin
    wannabervin RV Repair Club:
    February 11Anyone have a recommendation for a mobile RV wash/wax company in the Phoenix area? One outfit I googled seemed to have a good sales pitch, but they power wash the roof. Is this OK? Worried about my seals. It is a TPO surface by Alpha Systems.
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    • wannabervin
      Wandering Websters February 11 Don’t know the Phoenix area but as far as the roof goes I would be very Leary of anyone power washing my roof. Very possible to weaken or losen sealants that you may not notice right away. Also if they do the roof do they also put a protectant or sealan...  more
    • wannabervin
      Rich and Bev February 11 I'm just thinking out loud.   Wal-Mart sponge and a soft bristle extended brush with high end car wash soap with wax in it.  I do 1 section a day,  or every other day,  or whenever,  We're retired so it don't matter,  when it's done it's done.  Zip ...  more
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      • wannabervin
        wannabervin February 11 I hear ya! Good points.
      • wannabervin
        Bandit455 February 12 Gotta be careful w/ automotive cleaners on RVs. Many automotive products are designed for painted finishes only and will damage rubber and even gelcoat. Usually, you are better off with marine products, but read the fine print on anything you use
    • wannabervin
      MartiL February 11 VickieRose - I was just reading on this site somewhere that someone got a rubber roof and it came with a lifetime warranty.  Do you know more about your roof or have some paperwork on when or where it was installed?
    • wannabervin
      pokeysRVadventures February 12 Using a pressure washer with the "wash tip" and not getting too close is fine.
    • wannabervin
      Rich and Bev February 13 The only car wash soap I've ever used is widely known and easily accessible. Mcguires with carnuba wax beads. I have a all white 2016 wildcat. The finish looks brand new, the roof looks like it was just glued down, except for the bubble that came un ...  more
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