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  • BK
    February 16I don't mean the skill set used to find spots from maps.

    Tristan (don't know his last name) on the SUV Rving YT channel ran thru a list that he considers when picking a boondocking site. This guy boondocks 100+ days a year and sleeps in his car, a RAV4 a...  more
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    • BK
      Suzan and Art February 16 Great list.   It would have helped us greatly in our first years of Boondocking.  We got into a couple of tight places where we shouldn't have been.
    • BK
      SaltyVetAdventures February 16 That list about sums it up. My most important factor about going to new places is to PLAN PLAN PLAN. I never want to get my family in a bad situation. Good list.
    • BK
      Serenity 2000 February 17 Yes, scout the road in. Some boondocking requires you to leave a paved road and drop down. Watch for places where your tail end could get stuck or damaged.
    • BK
      Benda February 17 What an important and valid list! Thank you

      I’m not understanding the booking option. BLM- isn’t it usually a first come- first served?
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      • BK
        BK February 17 I'm not sure what you are talking about. Is it the annual permit? Some states out west have land that you can boondock on but they require an annual pass, generally fairly cheap. $20 or so. Once you have that you are good to go for camping on those proper...  more
    • BK
      Cinn February 18 Excellent list! One note: camping near water such as lakes or rivers will guarantee crowds on the weekends as all the boaters and fishermen come out, especially if it's a short drive from any urban area. I don't have a boat or fish, so I typically avoid t...  more
    • BK
      Serenity 2000 February 19 We tend to avoid camping near railroad tracks. A pristine wilderness can become unpleasant at 4 am with trains. And railroad tracks often run along rivers.
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