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  • Jim & Cathy
    Jim & CathyNew RVillagers Group:
    February 24, 2021We have a Tiffin 2014 open road. The water pressure in the coach has dropped to almost a trickle when hooked up to an outside source. With water in the tank and pump on it is fine. New filter didn’t help. I believe we have a factory water regulator built ...  more
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    • Jim & Cathy
      Curt & Isabel (WhereRV?) February 24, 2021 Check to see that the new filter is installed correctly. I had changed our filter in our 2013 32CA and is was slightly crooked and the pressure was low. I ended up removing the filter and use an external one hooked to the spigot.
    • Jim & Cathy
      JoeTex16 February 24, 2021 Have you cleaned the aerators on each faucet? When we first got our rig the water pressure was low everywhere. the aerators were full of crud.
    • Jim & Cathy
      NoLongerSolo Joe February 24, 2021 Can't help you about the water regulator but you might want to check for a clogged sediment filter where the hose connects to the RV. Those periodically get gunked up and need to be cleaned out. 
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