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  • Steve & Julie
    Steve & JulieRV Repair Club:
    February 26We have a 2020 red hawk, noticed the power step stopped working. Heard it go in and out last night at 2am but not working now. Any thoughts?
    • Steve & Julie
      bigman2x4x8 February 26 Lay down and look at the motor and stuff. I bet you lost the pin that runs the steps in and out. The factory uses a slip pin instead of a cotter pin to hold the small shaft into the alum arm that attaches to the motor to run it in and out. Worst case if y...  more
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      • Steve & Julie
        Rick & Lil February 26 But, that doesn't explain the random in & out anomaly during the middle of the night. Sounds like something shorted causing the random motion then, either blew a fuse or shorted wire broke.
    • Steve & Julie
      Stubby Sunstar February 26 Should be a warranty issue. If the switch on the screen door is not functioning, it could be your issue.
    • Steve & Julie
      TheClearyClan February 26 I have had to have both my slide floors replaced. The first by a local dealer in the Pocono Mountains, PA, about half an hour from our seasonal campsite. The second by Camping World in Kingston, NY. adjusting for the length of each slide the price was abo...  more
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      • Steve & Julie
        Dan&Jo February 27 Bob, I think you posted this to the incorrect post. The post re: CW is one post above this one. You can simply copy and repost, then go to the small caret icon in this post and delte it. Best of luck.
      • Steve & Julie
        TheClearyClan February 27 Thanks. Now I have to see why that happened.

    • Steve & Julie
      Steve & Julie February 27 Thanks everyone.  Started to work normally later yesterday. Checked fuses (no issues) and put grease on all the areas. Going to check underneath when it stops raining. Taking it in when we return home. Again thank you all. 
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      • Steve & Julie
        Dan&Jo February 27 Sorry meant to post response. We had a similar issue and found out it was moisture that got into the sensor on the screen door. We replaced the sensor and have not had any problems since. Best of luck, God bless.
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