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  • Admiralandthechiefs
    Admiralandthechiefs Solar and Alternative Energy for RV's:
    March 22Ok so maybe this has happened to others but it happened to me. I installed solar panel and everything needed for solar power. I have been operating fine since last year. Two Santan solar 395 W panels attached with self tapping screws, and a liberal applic...  more
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    • Admiralandthechiefs
      Tom & Lois March 22 As an installer, here is my procedure: 1) apply 3M VHB tape to bottom of bracket. 2) clean attachment area with alcohol. 3) stick bracket down then 4) add a 1” roofing screw ( not self tapping because the cut away the biting area). Finally 5) cover entire...  more
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      • Admiralandthechiefs
        Admiralandthechiefs March 22 Thank you so much Tom. I am in Arizona so will stop for a panel. Sucks but life happens. I’m afraid of the one on the roof now. Not much in tombstone to purchase.... hopefully I can make it to Phoenix....
    • Admiralandthechiefs
      MRJohnston March 22 Wow, sorry to hear.  That’s basically how I installed mine.   Did you clean the roof with alcohol prior to the Dicor?  I did use 3M VHB on the bottom of the brackets.   I have heard of people using UniStrut to span the roof and screwing into the edge of t...  more
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      • Admiralandthechiefs
        Admiralandthechiefs March 22 I not only cleaned but two weeks before I resurfaced my roof in order to have a good hold....
    • Admiralandthechiefs
      Ed Fogle March 23 I’ve read recommendations to attach a metal safety cord to each panel so they don’t hit a vehicle following you if they come loose. I’m not sure where to attach the other end of the cord. I’m really afraid to drill into my metal roof ...  more
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      • Admiralandthechiefs
        MRJohnston March 23 Looking at your rig, It shouldn’t be a concern if you keep the screw length to no longer than 1”.
        Safety cables are a great idea, but yeah, what to attach them to?   Probably best to run them to the edge of the roof where you would have solid joist material.
      • Admiralandthechiefs
        LarryA March 31 Never, ever have I seen a metal safety chain/cord attached to an RV solar panel. 
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