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  • JeffKontur
    JeffKonturSolar and Alternative Energy for RV's:
    April 26Okay, here is my setup:
    - I have two 195W solar panels mounted on my roof
    - I just bought four 250W solar panels
    - One 400W wind turbine
    - Working on building a 540W wind turbine
    - Four 100Ah AGM batteries
    - 2000W inverter

    I know enough to know tha...  more
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    • JeffKontur
      Tom & Barb April 26 My motorhome charges the house batteries with the alternator at the same time my solar system charges the house batteries. I would think your plan is workable with two charging sources charging the same battery. However, if you value the ability to moni...  more
    • JeffKontur
      John T April 26 Jeff, sounds like you have plenty of solar as compared to battery energy storage capacity (400 AH 200 useable), but they should charge up quickly and in case of shade or rain you're well covered....... Anytime I use multiple panels I ...  more
    • JeffKontur
      Seann (the Canadian) April 26 Jeff do all your solar panels put out the same voltage? The new 250 watt panels I have put out 24 volts and the 195s put up 12 volts
    • JeffKontur
      MRJohnston April 26 Jeff, I prefer the seperate solar charge controllers  for like panels.   I have 3 Zamp 160W panels on one MPPT controller, 4 200W panels on its own MPPT controller, and a 200W Renogy suitcase on its own PWM controller (the old original Zamp controller), a...  more
    • JeffKontur
      Ken W. April 26 Two or more charge controllers going to a single battery bank is not a problem. You need to be sure that they both are set to the same battery parameters. AKA the same bulk, acceptance and float voltage.
    • JeffKontur
      Bird and Bear May 13 The best way to mix different types/brands of panels is to have all the same panels wired in series to one MPPT controller and the other set of different panels wired to their MPPT controller.  However, the MPPT controllers need to talk to each other (one...  more
    • JeffKontur
      John T May 13 Jeff in the event your multiple panels are NOT matched that's a place where individual controllers can  be the best solution. Again if multiples are used I prefer they be exactly matched in size type brand voltage and current as well as age even.............  more
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