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  • TheBacks
    TheBacksRV Repair Club:
    May 3Hi everyone! Question - We purchased our 2018 Wildcat 35WB in October of 2020. We have 2 AC's. The one in the front part of the RV which has a thermostat and the one in the bedroom that we just turn on and off our selves. The one in the bedroom has starte...  more
    • TheBacks
      Clringo May 3 Have you serviced it at all, based on the periodic maintenance it may require per trailer manual. You might catch something there, I did run across additional info that might help you  more
    • TheBacks
      Jim & Shelley Gallo May 3 An ac unit is also a dehumidifier. The moisture it gathers should run out on the roof and into the gutters. Take the outside shroud off and make sure that everything is clean and clear. Don’t know what to tell you about the other one. Good luck
    • TheBacks
      Tom & Barb May 3 It sounds like you have two problem, one with the thermostat, and one with the rear unit drainage. Do like Jim&Shelley suggested and remove the cover and take a look. You likely have a rats nest, or birds nest clogging the nomoral path for water drainag...  more
    • TheBacks
      Danbob May 3 the drain is possibly plugged in the back one the front one may have a bad thermostat like I had in mine when on auto fan it does turn off when changing fan speeds than right back on again, I pulled the cover off mine just to be able to control it, the co...  more
    • TheBacks
      TP3 May 3 I would do as suggested above and first remove the cover.  Then check the drain area as suggested.  Then, I would check the fan motor with the power off, check the free turning of the fan blade and ensure it is clean (I would suggest a shop vac...definite...  more
    • TheBacks
      TheBacks May 4 Thank all for your help and suggestions! As soon as all this dang rain passes us up I'll start working on things and narrow it down!
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