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  • Dave C.
    Dave C.RV Repair Club:
    May 9Hello Everyone,
    We’re out for a long weekend and I found a leak in this fitting. Can I use Teflon tape or do I need a new fitting?

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    • Dave C.
      C & C & J May 9 you can try teflon tape but always handly to have a spare connector ,, good luck
    • Dave C.
      Santa Rob May 9 it should be able to be snugged up with no teflon Lowes should have new fitting if needed 
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      • Dave C.
        Dave C. May 9 Thanks
    • Dave C.
      Dan-n-Jo May 9 I believe both sides of that connection can be tightened. The top going into the faucet should have a rubber seal inside which may need replacing. Best of luck.
    • Dave C.
      David Leslie Jasper & JoJo May 9 Teflon tape usually won't stop a leak from a cracked fitting.  You didn't say where it was leaking.
    • Dave C.
      FL Wander Woman May 9 This tape is multi-functional.
    • Dave C.
      Jim & Shelley Gallo May 9 I would open it up first and see how the pex tubing seals first
    • Dave C.
      Jim & Sharon Ham May 9 This looks like a plastic PEX fitting to us, on the hot water side since it is red.  Try a temporary fix by unscrewing both ends of the plastic and wrapping the threads in teflon plumbing tape.  Snug up carefully because too much wrench will crack the fit...  more
    • Dave C.
      Andy & Maureen T May 9 Try snugging it. DON'T OVERTIGHTEN...remember it's plastic. Lots of fittings, screws, nuts, etc loosen up from road vibration.
    • Dave C.
      Rick & Lil May 9 They'll loosen up sometimes from travel & vibration. They're not intended to need tools to tighten but, you could try just a little "tweek" with a pair of plyers to see. But, being plastic, overtightening will distort the fitting and make the leak worse. ...  more
    • Dave C.
      Jenna & The ZARGON May 9 That is a compression fitting. Probably tapered male & female. teflon tape won't really improve the fit or stop it from leaking. Open it up completely and check for debris and or any deformity. Reassemble and snug it up and then try and go + 1/4— 1/...  more
    • Dave C.
      Dave C. May 11 Thank you all for your advise. When I took the fitting apart I realized it is a compression fitting. Jenna and the Zargon nailed it. So I cut the tubing back about 1/2” reinstalled it and no leaks. Just keep on learning!
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