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  • GrmaMarcia
    GrmaMarciaWhy didn't I think of that? Tips and Tricks:
    May 16Has anyone replaced their king size, bottom rounded mattress? If so, where did you find a decent one? AND WHY DO RV MANUFACTURES PUT JUNKY MATTRESSES IN EXPENSIVE UNITS???
    • GrmaMarcia
      BLSMSS (Brenda &Marc) May 16 We replaced our RV king mattress with a king Casper
    • GrmaMarcia
      JoeTex16 May 16 We lived with our stock RV King mattress for nearly 5 years before we had enough and changed it. We happened to be at WallyWorld one day and saw a King Mattress for aroung $300 - a Mainstay King. The size was close to what we already had, so we gave it ...  more
    • GrmaMarcia
      RicU May 16 Original equipment mattresses are castoffs from the mattress manufacturers.
    • GrmaMarcia
      COMER & COOKIE May 16 Which ever one you think you like, check the weight! We didnt, our Purple 4 is 200lbs. Need a crane to lift to get to storage. Two of us 6'6' hubby barely can hold it up with his hands and knee. I have to crawl under there with a flash light to get stuff ...  more
    • GrmaMarcia
      Suzan and Art May 16 We just went into a mattress store and got the best mattress we could afford that was approx. the same dimensions.  It works well even though there is a few inches overhang at the foot.
    • GrmaMarcia
      CoopsRVadventures May 16 We upgraded ours to a Sleep Number RV King and we love it.
    • GrmaMarcia
      Jim & Sharon Ham May 16 We shopped around RV sources and found the prices excessive because it says RV.  There are three custom mattress manufacturer stores in the city where we live.  Brought our RV size requirements to each of them and asked for a quote, while trying out their...  more
    • GrmaMarcia
      JimnDor May 16 Our 2010 Thor Freedom Elite, purchased used, had a very uncomfortable original, very odd sized mattress. We ordered a custom one to fit from a company called Tochta. We also ordered custom mattress pads and sheets for all the beds since none were standard...  more
    • GrmaMarcia
      MyronDianne&Boo May 16 Get a cheap mattress and a really good topper...foam, egg crate or MyPillow topper
    • GrmaMarcia
      Lee and Bert R May 16 We downgraded. We went from a stick king mattress in our new 2019 rv to a Casper queen. Yeah, we lost some room on our east/west bed, but now we can easily make the bed and have a great mattress to boot. I keep telling DW that I’m gonna get rid of the Cas...  more
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