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  • weechi2
    weechi2New RVillagers Group:
    June 21Hi I'm planning on buying a KZ sportman Classic travel trailer. I need a vehicle to tow it. it 's GVWR is 3500. Would you tow it with a SUV or a small truck.
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    • weechi2
      Ashley B June 21 Hey there! Welcome to RVillage, glad to have you a part of the community. I shared your post with the KZ RV owners group. Attaching the link below. Hope you get your towing question answered.  more
    • weechi2
      Windychic June 21 Check the maximum tow weight of the vehicle you want to tow with. I would  not pull anymore then suggested tow weight. 
    • weechi2
      AugieMattheiss June 21 Yes I would, that is a light weight trailer, double check specs, mid size diesel pickups are rated for over double that weight.  Double check tongue weight against payload with realistic passenger, fuel and other non-trailer payload.  I feel I must state ...  more
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      • weechi2
        Jg24 June 21 Amen.
      • weechi2
        Adam and Charlene M June 25 So true. Went from hauling my Jayco 24MBH (7350 GVWR) with a 1500 with a 4.7 gas to a 2500 6.7 diesel and oh man what a difference. Max towing on the 2500 is 17500, I'm hauling around 6500-7000 depending on the trip, rides like a dream. Just did an 8 hour...  more
    • weechi2
      Firedog3212 June 27 An SUV will be enclosed to keep things dry. A pickup you can add a fifth wheel later on down the road
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