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  • RSerendipity
    RSerendipity Blackstone Griddle Recipes and Ideas (The Stoners):
    June 26, 2021Just got home earlier today & needed something fairly quick. Made Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteaks. Recipe below. Linda & I really like this as they can be made as 'Hot' or as 'Mild' as you like. Shout out to 'Blackstone Betty' for this recipe. Although I mo...  more
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    • RSerendipity
      BLSMSS (Brenda &Marc) June 26, 2021 Looks good.
    • RSerendipity
      RSerendipity June 27, 2021 Thanks.
    • RSerendipity
      Andy and Vicki Casey in The Texas Outlaw. June 28, 2021 Thanks for sharing. Looks great
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