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  • Bill Joyce (and wife Diane Melde)
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    • Bill Joyce (and wife Diane Melde)
      Bruce & Pam Rozett September 19, 2021 A car hauler is a significant investment vs a dolly and just as much work.  We sold our dolly and Sebring convertible so that we could flat tow.  We bought a used Jeep Cherokee and spent about $4k outfitting it with the base plate, brake controller, and B...  more
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      • Bill Joyce (and wife Diane Melde)
        Redonion September 19, 2021 Agree with Bruce & Pam.  We now have a 2019 GMC Acarida,
    • Bill Joyce (and wife Diane Melde)
      Jim & Sharon Ham September 19, 2021 We went the opposite direction from flat tow.  Purchased a MasterTow dolly 14 years ago, and it has hauled 5 different front wheel drive vehicles around without any problems.  It has electric brakes and have had to replace the pads, and of course tires ev...  more
    • Bill Joyce (and wife Diane Melde)
      Sandee & Don February 10 We have a 2019 30ft. Hurricane we flat tow a 2018 KIA soul w/standard transmission using a road master hook up. Love it, car is light, can safely travel 70+ mph for extended time. Hook up and unhook is easy even in the rain. As with any flat tow DO NOT BA...  more
    • Bill Joyce (and wife Diane Melde)
      Jim & Sharon Ham February 10 AMAZING how a thread from 5 months ago can just magically pop up again.
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