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  • Geoff Baker
    Geoff Baker Boondockers:
    November 9, 2016It is time to check your Life Safety Systems. Do it TODAY!

    1. Check the manufacture date of the Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector (on the back). They are good for 5 years only. If in doubt replace. Some rigs don't have one. Be sure yours does. Use only those...  more
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    • Geoff Baker
      SOCOGUYS November 9, 2016 Good post. Folks sometimes take for granted that all things work
    • Geoff Baker
      Susan & Richard November 19, 2016 Thanks for the reminder Geoff.  We replaced all of ours last year. Did not know the CO was only good for 5 years.  Replaced the two ceiling mounted smoke detectors with combo units that have 10 year batteries,
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