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  • SouthParkSteve
    SouthParkSteve Boondockers:
    February 10, 2017Question for those of you who have travel trailers (bumper pull) and boondock--if you were to camp somewhere, like in the vicinity of a national park, do you leave your trailer unhooked and in place when you go exploring? On another thread, someone poste...  more
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    • SouthParkSteve
      David Leslie Jasper & JoJo February 10, 2017 Are you just being paranoid?  Probably.  But I am aware of portable generators walking away even when leashed and locked to the RV, and solar panels being removed from atop RVs, and assorted camping equipment (bbqs, tables, chairs, etc.) not the...  more
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      • SouthParkSteve
        SouthParkSteve February 10, 2017 Honestly I have it parked in my driveway without the lock on it right now (the doors are locked, but that is mostly to try to discourage the critters--and especially the bears--from trying to get inside)....of course, it is also buried under quite a bit o...  more
    • SouthParkSteve
      Seann (the Canadian) February 10, 2017 Probably being a little paranoid.. Unless your Boondocking on main st.. I have never had anything go missing in 10+ years
    • SouthParkSteve
      AKGlen February 10, 2017 We have been RVing since 1998 and have done both resorts, national parks, and our favourite...boondocking and have only had a bungee cord stolen from our boat loader. Even in Mexico, folks were so gracious and helpful.  Please don't start off your ad...  more
    • SouthParkSteve
      Judith & Mark February 11, 2017 We have boondocked in many places and have never had a problem.  However, we also have worried some about our 5er.  We plan to get a pin lock before our next boondocking venture, you can buy a padlock for a bumper pull hitch.  Nothing will ...  more
    • SouthParkSteve
      WhereThe F AreWeTribe February 16, 2017 We always lock up everything at any spot we camp. We also have full coverage insurance on everything we own inside both RV & trailer. No lost of zzzzz here.
    • SouthParkSteve
      SunsetPirates February 16, 2017 We have a hitch lock that we out on any time we unhook. And we leave it at boondock sites. Most boondocking near national parks seem to be pretty popular and most campers watch out for one another. Be smart and use the lock to deter, thieves look for the ...  more
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